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2010-04-04 10:18:15 by IJamLegend

Still waiting for my audio to be uploaded...... :/


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2010-04-04 10:38:08

It is sad times for the audio portal. The list is incredibly backed up, twice the amount of what put the past longest waiting period for approval, 3 months (note that that was in the past though, there are more mods now). The mods are doing their best, so please be patient.

IJamLegend responds:

Haha, I just can't wait :) I'm really impatient, I want some contructive crits, thanks for the reply dude!


2010-04-07 00:00:41

You always have the file dump provided by Tom Fulp. It allows MP3s.
also, you have one of my favorite user icons. brilliant. you ever try to make a page header?

IJamLegend responds:

Cheers for that :)
Thanks! I made it on paint! ROFL. I did in college a few times last year, this year we dont do web design though :(


2010-04-18 22:19:08

yeyyy, its up :)


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